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shae rozar
illustrator / author / film director 

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 Blessed by the Muses of Creation, Shae Rozar showed a talent for illustration from the early age of 2. By drawing anything that crossed his path, specifically cars displayed in TV commercials, his skills grew quickly. His keen attention to detail and advanced skills astonished his family. Even though illustration ran in his family, on both sides, his parents had never seen a toddler advance so quickly. 


Throughout school, Shae continued to excel in his education and found an appreciation of science to go alongside his artistic skill and growing devotion to Martial Arts. Physical combat would become a mainstay of his life from the age of 5. The self-discipline and routines learnt from his martial studies would prove beneficial when honing his drawing skills. His dedication to the craft would result in him winning numerous awards and competitions. Several of his works ended up being displayed in Historical Art Museums across Ohio and Michigan. 

During his Junior year in High School, Shae was offered an Art Scholarship from various Universities. After graduation, having obtained a degree in Film Directing and Art, fate would lead him to London where he would start his business.


Combining his love for filmmaking and illustrating, Shae began developing a method of creating in traditional and digital styles, realizing his dream of producing his work into live-action films. After many years of preparation, Shae Rozar has signalled it's time to turn the level up on all his skill sets, in what he likes to call "GOD MODE". Now he is ready to open the Chamber of Arts and showcase his stories in illustration and film to the world. 

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